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    Breton N. Cervantes-Cota J.L., Salgado M. (2004) The early universe and observational cosmology.

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    Краткое содержание/Аннотация:

    The Mexican School on Gravitation and Mathematical Physics, sponsored by the Mexican Physical Society, is a conference that started 10 years ago. The aim of the School is to cover different topics on the frontiers of gravitation, field theory and mathematical physics. It is held every two years and a different theme is chosen for each occasion. The School, which is oriented towards advanced graduate students and beyond, is gaining a reputation for the quality of lectures given by leaders in the field. In our previous Schools the subjects covered have been Supergravity and Mathematical Physics, Branes, Black Holes and the speakers have included A. Ashtekar, B. Carter, G. Gibbons, M. Heusler, W. Israel, F. MЁuller-Hoisen, Y. Neeman, R. Myers, L. Randall, R. Sorkin, P. Van Niewenhuizen, R. Wald, among other top ranked physicists.

    Over the past few years remarkable discoveries in physics and astronomy have been achieved with enormous implications for cosmology. In particular, the recent experiments measuring anisotropies on the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and the distance-red-shift relation in type Ia supernovae (SNIa) have opened a new era in cosmology, sometimes called the golden years or the high-precision era of cosmology.

    Such discoveries have not only corroborated several theoretical predictions and put stringent bounds on many cosmological models, but also renew some ancient paradigms like the origin of a cosmological constant.

    In view of the primary importance of such a hot topic today, it was clear that a convenient theme for the Fifth Mexican School was The Early Universe and Observational Cosmology. We considered that subjects like Inflation, Structure Formation, Cosmological Perturbations, Braneworld Cosmologies, Quintessence, and Dark Matter would give the participants a good picture of the current status of modern cosmology.

    Like in past Schools the topics were covered by leaders in the field, and the general perception by the participants was that the goals were well accomplished; of course, the beautiful setting of Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean did not hurt. About 80 people participated from all over the world and we are indebted to all of them.

    Undoubtedly, the School would have not been possible without the main courses and plenary lectures. Therefore, we extend our deep gratitude to the invited speakers. The School was complemented with more specialized topics presented in parallel sessions, some of which are included in these Lecture Notes.

    Breton N. Cervantes-Cota J.L., Salgado M. (2004) The early universe and observational cosmology.

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