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    Souchay J. (2006) Dynamics of Extended Celestial Bodies and Rings.

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    Раздел: Физика >>Теоретическая физика
    Книга была скачана: 2113 раз

    Краткое содержание/Аннотация:

    This book is mainly devoted to celestial mechanics. Under the title above we designate the study of celestial bodies that are not considered as pointmasses, as they are often in celestial mechanics, in particular, when dealing with orbital motions. On the contrary, we present and analyse in full details the recent theoretical investigations and observational data related to the effects of the extended shapes of celestial bodies.

    Some basic explanations concerning the rotation of an extended body are presented as a tutorial. Then, a large position is reserved for the Earth, which obviously is the most studied planet. We find detailed explanations of the internal structure of our planet, for example, the solid crust, the elastic mantle, the liquid outer core, and the solid inner core. The equations governing its rotational and internal motions under various assumptions (presence of layers, hydrostatic equilibrium etc.) are explained, as well as the modelling of its gravity field and its temporal variations.

    We also present the recent developments concerning the dynamics of various celestial bodies. Some of them, the Moon and Mercury, are subject to complex rotational motions related to librations, which are explained exhaustively. Other celestial bodies, such as the asteroids, are undergoing permanent investigations concerning the comparisons between observational data, as light curves, and theoretical modeling of their rotation. The dynamics of these small planets considered as non-rigid bodies are explained in detail.

    We also make a complete review of the effects of the impacts on planets and asteroids, and more precisely on their rotational and orbital characteristics. The earlier studies concerning this topic the subject of intensive research are presented.

    The concluding part of this book is devoted to the dynamics of the rings and a detailed account of the various equations that govern their motions and evolutions.

    We hope that this book will serve as a basis for anybody who wants to become accustomed with the dynamics of extended bodies, and also to get the relevant bibliographic background.

    Souchay J. (2006) Dynamics of Extended Celestial Bodies and Rings.

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