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    Mann F.G. (1960) Practical organic chemistry.

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    Раздел: Химия >>Органическая химия
    Книга была скачана: 2014 раз

    Краткое содержание/Аннотация:

    The last (4th) Edition of this book appeared in 1960, and has been followed by four New Impressions, the last in 1967. The rapid and ceaseless changing of the presentation of organic chemistry - both theoretical and practical—warranted an entirely new edition, but this would have entailed a massive task, for which neither Dr. B. C. Saunders nor I had time or opportunity to undertake.

    The publishers therefore suggested that a new impression should be prepared. This also proved a laborious task, partly because of the many minor changes in nomenclature and—more particularly—the presentation of names that the recommendations of the LU.P.A.C. required, and partly because all corrections and additions were necessarily limited in length to the space which the original text had occupied.

    Several of my chemical colleagues have suggested that a new edition of (M. and S.) should now deal also with the chief branches of modern spectroscopy. This would be an aim both excellent and impracticable. Students have their own monographs on spectroscopy and their own teachers, whose exposition should clarify the branches of this subject more rapidly and easily than the printed text. An attempt to deal adequately with spectroscopy in this volume would greatly increase its size and probably fail in purpose—the fate of several books whose authors have attempted this ambitious programme.

    Wc are greatly indebted to Dr. D. K. C. Cooper, F.R.C.S., who has critically examined the section on First-Aid to ensure that it now harmonises with modern medical practice.

    F. G. Mann,
    University Chemical Laboratory,
    March 1973.

    Mann F.G. (1960) Practical organic chemistry.

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