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    Liese A. Seelbach K., Wandrey C. (1991) Industrial Biotransformations.

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    Раздел: Химия >>Методы
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    Краткое содержание/Аннотация:

    The main incentive in writing this book was to gather information on one-step biotransformations that are of industrial importance. With this collection, we want to illustrate that more enzyme-catalyzed processes have gained practical significance than their potential users are conscious of. There is still a prejudice that biotransformations are only needed in cases where classical chemical synthesis fails. Even the conviction that the respective biocatalysts are not available and, if so, then too expensive, unstable and only functional in water, still seems to be widespread. We hope that this collection of industrial biotransformations will in future influence decision-making of synthesis development in such a way that it might lead to considering the possible incorporation of a biotransformation step in a scheme of synthesis.

    Liese A. Seelbach K., Wandrey C. (1991) Industrial Biotransformations.

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