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    Frierz-David H.E. Blamgeu L. (1949) Fundamental processes of dye chemistry.

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    Раздел: Химия >>Методы
    Книга была скачана: 1795 раз

    Краткое содержание/Аннотация:

    This fifth edition of Grundlegende Operationen der Farbenchemie constitutes an expansion of the fourth edition. Since the appearance of the first edition in 1920, so many new processes of dye chemistry have been discovered that it appeared necessary to rework or enlarge various sections. In particular, the preparation of several important intermediates has been resurveyed.

    The book is intended principally to introduce to the beginner the methods of dye chemistry, and not merely to present a collection of recipes. To this end, the chapter on the practical work in the organic industrial laboratory has been reworked and enlarged in order to clarify all the important points. The chapter on analysis of dyes has been revised so that the student may gain some insight into this difficult field. Also, the section on the determination of light fastness has been rewritten, and we are grateful to Dr. Ris (Basel) for his contributions to this subject. These additions have increased the scope of the book. We hope that they have also increased its usefulness.

    Frierz-David H.E. Blamgeu L. (1949) Fundamental processes of dye chemistry.

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